Life Without Facebook … (Yes I Did Say It…)

Facebook in this day and age in my opinion is completely essential. From Facebook I keep in contact with all my friends and family from around the world, are able to catch up on the latest news from my sports teams, and can keep track on the events I have been invited to. But I thought what would happen to my life if I ( oh dear God forbid) took it away?!

As I completely did not want to delete it as I have lots of memorable pictures and posts from good times, I got one of my best friends (who I trust COMPLETELY) to change my password and not tell it me. (Note – only do this if you are completely sure they will not ‘frape’ you as that can get kind of embarrassing especially if you have family members as your Facebook friends…). That was only five days ago but the results were shocking. I am no longer distracted which means I can spend my time so much more productively (by doing online shopping instead – just kidding!).

I have so much more free time to live in the ‘real world’ as my time is no longer consumed with scrolling up and down a newsfeed that has been the same for 5 hours. I do feel that my contact with my friends is still the same though.

I also feel so much more positive as a person as I no longer see ‘bitchy’ or mean comments people leave to each other or about other people. Although Facebook is great for keeping in contact with your friends, it can also be a place of horrible cyber-bullying where people cannot escape from their bullies.

I am shocked at how much time Facebook and other social-networking sites take up in our lives when we could be doing so many other things. What I have learned from this is that it is actually really healthy to have a break from social-networking once in a while.

So if you do decide to have a de-cleanser of Facebook , remember to get a trusting friend to change your password and that also do not worry, your social life will not be over as there is a life right outside your window! I would honestly recommend having a week off Facebook and you will see the difference!


Blogging about Blogging

Blogging about blogging

When I first made my blog I was a bit sceptical as I did not know what to expect or if anybody would even really read it. But now I realise that blogging is a great way for people with similar interests to share ideas of any subject from all over the world. There are blogs on any subject thinkable from current world politics to reality show celebrities like Kim Kardashian. In my opinion everybody should have a blog and write every day to express the emotions of what has happened in their day or how they are feeling or what is on their minds. I use my blog as a way of writing what I feel, whether I wish to write a story, an article or even express my opinion of certain topics. The more you write, the more you improve. I see a blog as perhaps an essential tool to improving your writing.  Although blogging does take time, it can be done whenever you have a free moment even if it is just fifteen minutes quickly typing something out to get something off your mind.

Your day is busy enough without having to sit down and type for your blog right? So why create a blog? Well… it is an effective way to get your voice heard, and your writing out there for other people all over the world to read. Knowing that somebody has taken a few minutes out of their hectic day to read what you have to say is such a great feeling. It makes the writing process all the more worthwhile and rewarding.

So do a new thing today and create a blog and I promise you will love it!