A Book Review of ‘Safe Haven’ by Nicholas Sparks

Today I finished the book ‘Safe Haven’ by Nicholas Sparks. I have read novels by Sparks before and this one is somehow different. It is slightly darker as it deals with the issue of domestic abuse and death, however this is balanced with the finding of new love, overcoming tragic heartbreak, the importance of family and new beginnings that you never thought were possible. This book proves that there is a silver lining to every cloud. It gives readers hope that new beginnings are possible and that everything will work out in the end no matter how difficult it is in the beginning. The ‘Safe Haven’ in the novel could be Southport, the town Katie escapes to, or possibly it could be Alex and his family, however I think the true ‘Safe Haven’ Sparks is implying is love itself.

The plot itself kept me on edge right from start to finish with an unexpected twist at the end. In a nutshell it is about a courageous woman named Katie who has started a new life in Southport, North Carolina to escape her ‘secret past’. She works as a waitress at the restaurant, ‘Ivan’s’ and lives a simple life with only her neighbour Jo for company. However she meets Alex, who owns the main store in the town. Alex is widowed and is an excellent father to his two children. However we soon realise that brown-haired ‘Katie’ is really ‘Erin’ a blonde-haired woman married to Kevin who has abused her for four years. Alex and Katie (although both apprehensive about starting new relationships) fall in love with each other. The more Katie lets her guard down with Alex, the closer Kevin is to finding her. The end of the novel really is gripping and I could not put it down!

I find it amazing how Sparks can produce such believable and realistic characters. The way women in the novel talk to each other is as accurate as if a woman wrote it! To me, Nicholas Sparks is such a talented author and this is in my opinion one of his best novels yet. I really enjoyed this book and it was really interesting as it tackled issues I had never read about before. It is written in a style that flows easily making it effortless to read.

It is definitely a must read!



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