Do We Share Too Much On Social Networking Sites?

Status updates tell people what we are up to, who we are with, accomplishments what we have done…but when does it get too much and at what point are you overloading people with personal information they necessarily do not want to know? This is a debate which I find interesting and is very relevant to modern day society. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter for some people are now used as personal diaries that they share with their friends. But are they really truly aware that when they write particular posts or upload certain photos that their 300 friends (or however many) are reading and seeing them too? For example imagine you post a photo of a friend drunk and doing something silly or embarrassing on your Facebook because it was funny at the time and let’s say that you have 300 friends… now imagine going into a room full of 300 people, chances are you probably would not stand in front of them and hold the picture up for all to see.  Whilst these social networking sights offer you to have your own say, own identity and is a great way to keep in contact there is perhaps a point when it becomes too personalised. Or is there?

My opinion is that it is specific to the person what they are comfortable sharing and what the purposes of having their social networking accounts are. If your purpose is to keep in contact with friends from around the globe and you use it to chat then I think that is fine, but using it to express your every emotion, where you are every day and what you are up to, then for me it becomes too personalised. This is an interesting debate and I would love to hear your opinion on the matter too!


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