10 Reasons Why Women Should Take Up Boxing

For years and years women have been treated as the inferior sex. This prejudice has been found in sports, it was not until 2012 that women were allowed to box in the Olympics. This prejudice and stereotype that women ‘should not box because it is not feminine’ makes some women shy away from trying an amazing sport. This article is full of reasons why women should take up boxing. I hope it inspires you to try it!

–          Builds confidence! Boxing is an amazing way to improve your self-confidence. It gives you a great sense of self-belief. Also because it tones you up and helps you lose weight it makes you feel much better about yourself! Boxing is challenging but when you overcome those challenges you will feel so confident in yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to!

–          Fitness! Boxing is literally the quickest way to get fit. It is so physically demanding and will get you that summer bikini body in no time! Whether it is the warm up skipping, doing work on the punch bags, sparring in the ring, going on runs with the club… I guarantee you that you will become so much fitter and much more toned in a few sessions!

–          Self-defence! In this day and age as a woman you really do have to be careful and knowing a few self-defence moves which could potentially save your life could come in very handy! Boxing teaches you self-defence in a controlled manner.

–          Equality! At the boxing gym I go to you are treated as a complete equal whether you are male or female. By going to boxing it proves everyone wrong who said women could not and should not box!

–          Stress relief! Boxing is such a good stress relief, whether it is a session on the pads or the punch bag it releases anger in a controlled fun way!

–          Fun! It is such a fun sport! There is no feeling like putting on your gum shield and getting in the ring to spar, it gives you such an adrenaline rush!

–          Can get further quicker! One benefit of being a female in boxing is that because there are less of you doing it if you wanted to compete you can get titles easier as you have less people to fight to get to the top.

–          Cheap! Most boxing clubs provide their own gloves, pads etc. So you do not need any fancy equipment apart from your trainers and a few quid to pay for your session on the door!

–          Great for social life! The boxing club I go to holds fight nights every month on a Friday and it is so much fun to go along, support your club and watch the boxing. Through boxing you get to know so many people whether it is in your classes or at the events your club hold!

–          Not true to the stereotype! Despite the horror stories you have heard boxing is not as violent as everybody makes out. In training sessions if you do spar it is in a controlled environment with professionals helping who will immediately step in if needed. The training sessions on the pads and bags are not violent which just shows you do not necessarily need to be Rocky to box!

Boxing is such a great sport that more women should get involved in, so give it a try!


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