5 Things I’m Digging this Week

I started my week off with not really a very good start. I had very bad tonsillitis so that meant lots of bed rest and ice lollies. But I went back to work on Wednesday which was good! (Bar the odd Rudolph comment!). I usually don’t really do personal posts like this but I had to share with you the five things I am digging this week! So here goes…

1-      Subway. Last night I bought my Mom her first ever subway! In my opinion Subway is way underrated, you wouldn’t know that it has been around since 1965 (although it was called Pete’s Super Submarines then). We both had steak and cheese on Italian herbs and cheese bread and it was perfection! I have definitely converted my mother into a subway fan…

2-      Doc Martens. I saw some flowery ones that I’m definitely going to purchase! I think they are a timeless fashion piece that you can wear with anything – jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, the list goes on.

3-      Sex and the City. (As you can tell from my last blog post). I love the box set and both films, Carrie Bradshaw is a huge inspiration of mine. One of my favourite quotes of hers is ‘after all, seasons change, so do cities; people come into your life and people go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart.’ I love the fashion, the storylines and glamorous lifestyle the girls have in the shows and films.

4-      Sweeped fringes. This week one of my best friends cut my hair for me. I hadn’t had it done for six months! (Shocking I know for a girl). So he gave me back my trademark look (sweeped fringe and lots of layers!).

5-      Skype. Now that I’m home from university for the summer I’m missing my best friends (who live at the other end of the country to me) so I Skype them regular. It’s good to see them and have a long catch up. Thank god for Skype!


7 Ways to Get the Sex and the City Lifestyle

–          Amazing wardrobe – and by this I don’t just mean the necessities, a fewer designer items and the odd way-over-budget purchase no no no no what I mean is the walk in colour co-ordinated closet. This closet (which all your fellow girlfriends will be highly envious of) bursts not only with timeless vintage classics but also with vibrant coloured modernistic fashion items that turn heads when you wear them. The shoes, bags and accessories will complement the outfits hung up in this to die for closet. This wardrobe is extremely important and this is shown when Mr Big asks Carrie ‘shall I get you a diamond?’ with which she replies ‘no just get me a really big closet’.

–          Successful careers – glamorous NYC business women who show everyone that they can make it on their own. The successful writer, lawyer, public relations professional, and art gallery director are all great examples of powerful females.

–          The perfect man – Although Carrie and Mr Big’s relationship is on-off the couple manage to achieve at long last their happy ending in the second movie proving there is happy ending for all single girls out there.

–          The to die for apartments – Carrie’s apartment is decorated beautifully with deep thought and delicate taste. She moves from this apartment into the magnificent penthouse which she shares with Mr Big in Manhattan. Upon her first entry to this she claims she has ‘died and gone to real estate heaven’.

–          The glamorous holidays and trips out– the girls go to glamorous places around the world such as Mexico or Abu Dhabi and embrace their cultures. They not only have girly nights in but take cosmopolitan trips out together to fashion shows and for cocktails at fancy bars.

–          The VIP contacts – the girls are treated as VIPs wherever they go, from clubs to hotels. Carrie has her wedding dress personally made by Vera Wang. These girls have contacts which help them to lead their glamorous lifestyles.

–          The loyal best friends – these four girls help each other through everything, they are there through the good and the bad. Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha are true best friends, something every girl needs.

6 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is such a nuisance to every budding author. You pick up your pen, eager to write your next master piece but just before you put pen to paper (if you’re old fashioned like me!) you can’t think of anything to write or the perfect starting sentence! So this post is here to help you overcome this common inconvenience that affects every writer!

1-      Firstly to avoid writer’s block I tend to carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. In it I jot down inspiration whether it is quotations I see or hear, descriptions of the people, places or food around me, anything! Some people find it helpful to keep a notepad beside their bed to record thoughts they have when they wake up or inspirations from dreams.

2-      Change the genre you are writing. When I’m stuck with what to write on an essay I write a short story which takes your mind away from your task but your creative juices are still flowing! When I have finished my story or a few paragraphs I go back to my essay with fresh eyes and find it a lot easier to write!

3-      Exercise! Go on a walk around your block, a jog with your sister or a kick about in the park with your friends. Exercise and fresh air will not only relax you but clear your mind so that when you return to your work you will be refreshed and find it much easier!

4-      Think positively! If you can’t think of a perfect sentence to start with just go for it! You can always make amendments later.

5-      Relax! Have a relaxing bath or long shower to de-stress. Once relaxed you will find the task easier to come back to.

6-      Read! Get inspiration through reading whether it is a magazine article or chapter from your latest book.

Hope this helps with your writer’s block!

10 Tips on How to Write a Good Essay Introduction

Writing the introduction of an essay can be really difficult as it is a very crucial paragraph. These tips are designed to help you write your introduction so your essay becomes smooth sailing!

1-      Try to start with a sentence that immediately captures your reader’s attention. The introduction is the initial impression for the reader so by engaging them from the start they will continue reading your essay with a positive mind-set.

2-      Check that your introduction leads into your thesis (what your argument is going to be).

3-      Try not to ramble, making it a lot longer than necessary. A clear, concise introduction should be (depending on what your argument is) around three sentences long.

4-      Provide some background information on the topic you are going to discuss in your essay.

5-      Inform your reader what your essay will be about.

6-      Stay focused and to the point, do not go off topic.

7-      Do not use statements that overgeneralise such as ‘everybody knows that…’.

8-      Prior to writing your introduction look at your plan, this will make your essay well-structured from start to finish.

9-      Relate back to the question.

10-   Do not be vague! The reader/ examiner wants to see that you can answer the question so don’t think that a statement would be too obvious to put in your introduction (this also applies to the rest of your paragraphs in your essay).

30 Useful Ways to Save Money as a Student

1-      Share your laundry load with a friend. If you don’t have a big enough wash, split it with a friend making it half the cost!

2-      Buy in bulk. Not only is buying in bulk a lot cheaper but you can split the products with a friend saving even more money!

3-      Get a bike or walk into town. Instead of relying on buses and taxis or using up petrol, walk or cycle to places, not only are you saving money but getting some exercise at the same time!

4-      Get a rail card. These are so useful to have and save you a lot of money!

5-      Get an NUS card. Getting one of these also saves you a lot of money as a lot of shops do student discount and won’t give it you unless you present them an NUS card.

6-      Get supermarket’s own brand. So much cheaper than the actual thing and usually you can’t even taste the difference!

7-      Get in touch with second years and buy their books off them. Buying your books second hand saves you a lot of money, plus it won’t be hard to find people to sell them you as they will be in need of money themselves!

8-      Pre drink more and buy less when out. This saves you a lot of money as drinks in clubs can get quite expensive, so if you pre-drink first you won’t need to buy as much out.

9-      Freebies freebies freebies! Collect any freebie you see whether it is a pen, a Frisbee, a notepad – anything, I can assure you will come in handy at some point!

10-   Book train ticket home well in advance. By booking online in advance it not only guarantees you a seat but often makes the journey much cheaper.

11-   Make use of the library. Before buying a book, check to see if it is available in your university’s library and borrow it instead.

12-   Get in touch with second years and see which books were vital before you buy everything on the reading list. Often when you get a reading list some books will just be mentioned in passing so will be a waste of money if you buy them,

13-   Get a part time job/ summer job.

14-   Trade your books back to earn money.

15-   Get vouchers and coupons. There are so many online coupon sites that you can sign up to. They send you an email with vouchers off everything from restaurants to toiletries!

16-   Make use of 2 for 1 deals with your friends. Go shopping with your friends and you can make use of deals together.

17-   Get a kindle. A lot of the books are free to download on a kindle and it is much lighter to carry than a lot of books!

18-   Use free services like Skype and Wassap instead of using your credit and minutes calling and texting.

19-   Instead of joining a gym do work outs in your room and go on runs with friends.

20-   Make a shopping list. Be strict with yourself not to buy anything that isn’t on it.

21-   Buy meat and veg from the market instead.

22-   Do you really need it? Whenever you buy something on impulse always ask yourself if you really really need it or are you just buying it for the sake of it.

23-   Ask anywhere for student discount, even if they say no it is still worth a try.

24-   Go late at night to supermarkets when they put all their reduced stock out.

25-   Get a coin jar and put loose change in, not only will it stop you spending it saves money!

26-   Make a big meal that will save for example a lasagne that you can just warm up the next day.

27-   Don’t waste food! Any veg you leave, save for the next day, blend it and make a soup.

28-   Care packages! Ask your parents really nicely to send you a few things when you are low on supplies.

29-   Use free online services like BBC iPlayer.

30-   Shop around for the best deals.