13 Useful Tips to Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is such an easy yet bad habit to fall into. Everybody does it at some point whether it is putting off paying bills or not quite getting round to writing that essay with the deadline slowly creeping up. Procrastinating instead of doing it can prevent us from doing important tasks or make them take much longer than they should do. The ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ attitude is very common however there are ways to prevent it! So here are a few tips to help you stop and prevent you from doing it in future!

1-      Set yourself targets/ a detailed plan. Make sure you include times when you can have breaks so you know when they are as opposed to anytime.

2-      Set yourself realist targets. Once you have completed these goals you will feel like you have earned your break!

3-      Have willpower! Be determined to get whatever you want to do done and if you feel yourself going off track stay focused!

4-      If it is social networking that is distracting you get one of your friends (who you trust) to change your password and tell it you once your task is done, that way you can’t get on those sites that will distract you from your task.

5-      Change the environment you work in. If your room is too distracting work in the library or a computer lab where it is quiet and you can focus easier.

6-      Think of a way to make your task more interesting and appealing. Whether it is using different coloured pens or post it notes when revising, do anything to make it more interesting!

7-      If you do decide to work in your room make sure it is a clean, quiet environment because that makes it so much easier to study in.

8-      Make sure you work in little chunks. That way you won’t become restless after a long 6 hour stint in the library, you will work so much more productively if you have a break every 45-50 minutes.

9-      Study with a friend! You can help each other revise and encourage each other to keep going if the other one is seen to be slacking!

10-   When you are making your plan/ to do list, check things off as you go as you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you do it.

11-   Prioritise. Do things which are due earlier first or if everything is due on the same day get the harder topics done first that way you aren’t dreading them and putting them off when it comes to actually doing them.

12-   Focus on one thing at a time. Some people procrastinate because they don’t know which task to do first so it overwhelms them. By focusing on one thing at a time you can get them done much quicker!

13-   Make yourself aware of how you procrastinate so as soon as you do it you can stop yourself and go back to the task you are meant to be doing!

4 thoughts on “13 Useful Tips to Avoid Procrastination

  1. omg i have a huge problem with procrastination! ill try your tips! i actually made a blog post on it. its a huge issue for me and i think its actually affecting my grades!

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