10 Tips on How to Write a Good Essay Introduction

Writing the introduction of an essay can be really difficult as it is a very crucial paragraph. These tips are designed to help you write your introduction so your essay becomes smooth sailing!

1-      Try to start with a sentence that immediately captures your reader’s attention. The introduction is the initial impression for the reader so by engaging them from the start they will continue reading your essay with a positive mind-set.

2-      Check that your introduction leads into your thesis (what your argument is going to be).

3-      Try not to ramble, making it a lot longer than necessary. A clear, concise introduction should be (depending on what your argument is) around three sentences long.

4-      Provide some background information on the topic you are going to discuss in your essay.

5-      Inform your reader what your essay will be about.

6-      Stay focused and to the point, do not go off topic.

7-      Do not use statements that overgeneralise such as ‘everybody knows that…’.

8-      Prior to writing your introduction look at your plan, this will make your essay well-structured from start to finish.

9-      Relate back to the question.

10-   Do not be vague! The reader/ examiner wants to see that you can answer the question so don’t think that a statement would be too obvious to put in your introduction (this also applies to the rest of your paragraphs in your essay).


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