6 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is such a nuisance to every budding author. You pick up your pen, eager to write your next master piece but just before you put pen to paper (if you’re old fashioned like me!) you can’t think of anything to write or the perfect starting sentence! So this post is here to help you overcome this common inconvenience that affects every writer!

1-      Firstly to avoid writer’s block I tend to carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. In it I jot down inspiration whether it is quotations I see or hear, descriptions of the people, places or food around me, anything! Some people find it helpful to keep a notepad beside their bed to record thoughts they have when they wake up or inspirations from dreams.

2-      Change the genre you are writing. When I’m stuck with what to write on an essay I write a short story which takes your mind away from your task but your creative juices are still flowing! When I have finished my story or a few paragraphs I go back to my essay with fresh eyes and find it a lot easier to write!

3-      Exercise! Go on a walk around your block, a jog with your sister or a kick about in the park with your friends. Exercise and fresh air will not only relax you but clear your mind so that when you return to your work you will be refreshed and find it much easier!

4-      Think positively! If you can’t think of a perfect sentence to start with just go for it! You can always make amendments later.

5-      Relax! Have a relaxing bath or long shower to de-stress. Once relaxed you will find the task easier to come back to.

6-      Read! Get inspiration through reading whether it is a magazine article or chapter from your latest book.

Hope this helps with your writer’s block!


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