7 Ways to Get the Sex and the City Lifestyle

–          Amazing wardrobe – and by this I don’t just mean the necessities, a fewer designer items and the odd way-over-budget purchase no no no no what I mean is the walk in colour co-ordinated closet. This closet (which all your fellow girlfriends will be highly envious of) bursts not only with timeless vintage classics but also with vibrant coloured modernistic fashion items that turn heads when you wear them. The shoes, bags and accessories will complement the outfits hung up in this to die for closet. This wardrobe is extremely important and this is shown when Mr Big asks Carrie ‘shall I get you a diamond?’ with which she replies ‘no just get me a really big closet’.

–          Successful careers – glamorous NYC business women who show everyone that they can make it on their own. The successful writer, lawyer, public relations professional, and art gallery director are all great examples of powerful females.

–          The perfect man – Although Carrie and Mr Big’s relationship is on-off the couple manage to achieve at long last their happy ending in the second movie proving there is happy ending for all single girls out there.

–          The to die for apartments – Carrie’s apartment is decorated beautifully with deep thought and delicate taste. She moves from this apartment into the magnificent penthouse which she shares with Mr Big in Manhattan. Upon her first entry to this she claims she has ‘died and gone to real estate heaven’.

–          The glamorous holidays and trips out– the girls go to glamorous places around the world such as Mexico or Abu Dhabi and embrace their cultures. They not only have girly nights in but take cosmopolitan trips out together to fashion shows and for cocktails at fancy bars.

–          The VIP contacts – the girls are treated as VIPs wherever they go, from clubs to hotels. Carrie has her wedding dress personally made by Vera Wang. These girls have contacts which help them to lead their glamorous lifestyles.

–          The loyal best friends – these four girls help each other through everything, they are there through the good and the bad. Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha are true best friends, something every girl needs.


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