8 of the Best Ways to Make Your Student Room Feel Like Yours

Moving into Student Halls at university was a massive change for me. The room I moved into could not have been more different from the one I have at home. However I made it feel really homey in no time! Here are a few of the things I did to make my student room feel like my own!

1- Photos and lots of them! My room at university was covered in photos of amazing memories I had with my family and friends from back home. Having those not only made me smile every time I looked at them but also was a nice change from the plain white walls!


2- Posters and postcards. I brought a few of my posters from my room at home and put them up which definitely made my room feel a lot more homey.


3- Rugs. Bringing a rug from home really made a difference in my room. A lot of my friends brought rugs as well. It just gives your room more personality and uniqueness to it.


4- Bedding and cushions. Having my funky cushions and bedding from home really stood out in my room.


5- Throws. In my room I had a couple of chairs and they were the standard plain chair that you tend to see in waiting rooms. Sooo I went to Primark and bought a cool patterned throw to put over it which made my room look much more personalised.


6- Lamps, fairy lights. I know quite a few people that brought fairy lights and put them around their bed etc and it looked really pretty.


7- Personal items from loved ones. I pinned up drawings my little cousins had done for me, notes and letters from my friends and family and also birthday and good luck cards.


8- Funky stationary. Whether you have bright pink folders (like me) or lots of funky notebooks (also like me) on your shelves it will definitely make a difference.


Hope this has helped! 🙂

Sophie Chekruga


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