Are Books Better Than Kindles?

Technology is rapidly advancing every day, creating new exciting ideas for the future. However this poses several questions, did the ‘old way’ of doing things need improving in the first place? Will some people never adapt to the ‘new way’? Will people even forget the ‘old way’ of doing things? With the invention of kindles one of the dilemmas faced in my generation is whether to make the change and get a kindle or stick with trusty books.

Ever had the problem where you are going on holiday and you aren’t allowed to have a lot of luggage yet you want to take lots of books to read by the pool, but you just know that it will take up half of your allowed weight? Kindles are great for that because they are light, easy, can be carried anywhere (and leaves you some room in your case for souvenirs too!). A lot of my friends at university have them because as you can imagine doing English isn’t the lightest of reading and you need to take several books to your seminars not to mention your folder with your work in, your pencil case, your water bottle… see where I’m going with this? However this may sound appealing, yet I still choose to lug all my books around. I love the smell of books (especially old books), I love the feel of books (let’s face it curling up with a kindle would be quite difficult) and I love how books look, each with individual covers and sizes. In my friendship group we love to pass books we have really enjoyed onto each other which you can’t really do with a kindle.

I know eventually I will run out of space in my house for all my books and that in the long run a kindle is probably the cheaper option but I just can’t make myself have the change yet. Call me old fashioned but I love books so will stick with the ‘old way’ for as long as I can.

I would love to know what you guys think. Whether you’ve been converted to kindle or prefer books, drop me a comment below J


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