What Makes Something Newsworthy?

Today I went on a journalism course and one of the discussions that occurred was ‘what makes something newsworthy’. It definitely got me thinking and was really interesting to hear different people’s responses. Here are some of the main pointers that arose in the discussion.

1-      Relatable instances – something that affects a lot of people. It could be anything from council elections to a closed road due to an accident.

2-      Something that is unique or dramatic. So the unexpected cases we read about in the news such as a dog saving a woman from drowning.

3-      Changes in political policies.

4-      Something that involves celebrities – it is an escapism from our lives.

5-      Royal family hype – the wedding, most recently the birth of the royal baby.

6-      Miracles – for example people recovering from illnesses against the odds.

7-      Scandal factor – a national or local ‘disgrace’.

8-      Human interest factor – something that draws people in and makes them empathise.

9-      Topical – what is going on during that day.

10-   Geographical importance – something that is local to the area you are from.

11-   Unexpected – breaking news that is shocking to people.

12-   Campaigning – tuition fees rising, hospitals closing.

13-   Controversy – politicians caught doing things that isn’t seen as ‘proper’.

14-   An anniversary – 10 years since the local outdoor market opened.

Please comment below and let me know what you think makes a story newsworthy.  🙂


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