The Day I Met Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. As well as been a boxing legend, he is a genuinely really sound guy. Born in North Carolina, American he is a retired professional boxer. He was amazing at his sport winning world titles in five weight divisions. There weren’t and still aren’t many boxers around who are on the same level as him.  Sugar Ray’s list of boxing achievements is really long. Retiring in 1997, he now gives amazing motivational speeches, has acted in movies such as ‘The Fighter’ and does a lot of work for charity.

The day I met him was surreal, he was doing an appearance at one of my friend’s shops and I remember it was a cold, snowy day. However he was only in a small jacket, so his first words he spoke were about how cold it was! He had a very soft American accent and had a lot of time for everyone, taking photos and signing my boxing hand wraps. It was surreal to know that I had met one of the best legends of my favourite sport. Boxing in my family is huge so to meet a champion Olympic and professional welterweight boxer was remarkable. It is a day I will never forget. 🙂



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