How To Write Short Stories – Part One

I am doing research for a creative writing module which I will be starting in my second year at university. So make sure to look out for the following parts to this post!  🙂


–          Carry a notepad around with you, as you never know when inspiration will come to you!

–          Figure out who your target audience is going to be. When you’re aiming at a set target specifically it will be much easier to start writing.

–          Research! Do lots of research before you start writing your story and as you go along. Make sure your story is suitable for your target audience and that everything is historically accurate.

–          If it is going to be submitted for coursework or a magazine make sure you stick to the required length, do not under or overwrite.

When Writing

–          Be original! Don’t be afraid to be a little ‘out there’, unique ideas really capture people’s attention!

–          Intrigue your readers. Make them read your story wanting to eagerly turn every page to find out what will happen next.

–          Surprise them. If the ending is predictable readers will start to lose interest so by putting twists and turns in your story it makes it much more engaging.

–          It sounds cheesy but write from your heart. If you’re passionate about what you’re writing about it will really show in your work and make it much better.

–          Show don’t tell. Try not to give away too much too soon. Also make the readers think for themselves, for example don’t say a character is not reliable/trustworthy make the reader figure it out helping them out with clues and hints along the way.


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