If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try and Try Again!

Today I learnt a valuable lesson – when you fail at something instead of being down and playing it over in your head about why this happened and what if this could be changed then this would not have happened to just brush it off, dust yourself down and go for it again. Today I failed my driving test, I have been driving for a while and it was on a silly mistake really that cost me my pass. It was really frustrating and disappointing to fail but instead of giving up and being annoyed for too long I took the examiner’s advice on what to do next time and I am booking another one very soon.

This applies to any situation whether it is not passing your exams, not getting the job you want – anything. It is so easy to have a negative attitude and to give up but it takes an even stronger person to pull yourself together and try again! So instead of being defeatist have a positive attitude and be really determined to do better next time!

The point of this post is to motivate and help others not to give up on challenges you come across in life. Yes I failed my driving test the first time but it just makes me more determined to try again, after all practise makes perfect right?


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