50 Great Things I Did This Summer

As Summer is coming to an end and it is almost time for me to return back to university I want to reminisce on how great Summer 2013 has been! It has hands down been the best Summer yet! Here’s what I got up to…

1-      Went for a few days work experience at my dream job (a Sports Journalist) in Manchester.

2-      Visited my best friend at his university in Birmingham for a few days.

3-      Then drove back to our hometown in his brand new BMW!

4-      Went back to Loughborough to see my friends and boyfriend for our final end of year night out called DBE.

5-      Worked for two months at the café bar I used to work at before going to university.

6-      Celebrated my Mom turning 50!

7-       Visited my boyfriend and his family in Sutton.

8-      Did a lot of preseason training for Cross Country Season.

9-      Went shopping in Oxford Street with my boyfriend.

10-   Had lots of meals out with my friends to Nandos and TGIs.

11-   Went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my family.

12-   Spent a lot of time with my family especially my little cousins and Grandparents.

13-   Ate A LOT of my Grandma’s amazing cake.

14-   Had ice creams in Hype Park with my boyfriend.

15-   Got myself some new glasses that are RayBans.

16-   Had nights out in my home town with my friends.

17-   Went shopping and bought new clothes with my sister.

18-   Celebrated my Mom and Dad’s 29th wedding anniversary.

19-   Started going to Zumba with my sister and auntie.

20-   Reached 200 likes on my blog!

21-   Had funny times on Skype with my Uni friends and Conor.

22-   Bought pretty things for my new house!

23-   Had lots of driving lessons!

24-   Finally beat Conor at monopoly hehe.

25-   Showed my boyfriend around my hometown.

26-   Had movie days with my little cousins.

27-   Planned my holidays for next year!

28-   Helped my Dad with DIY things.

29-   Wrote a lot of blog posts!

30-   Bought my Mom her first ever subway!

31-   Relaxed in the sunshine with good books!

32-   Forgot that going to the shop in your onesie was just a uni thing.

33-   Went to the Hilton in Leeds with my best friend.

34-   Had days out/ cinema trips with my sister.

35-   Watched a lot of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

36-   Had lots of meals and trips out with my boyfriend.

37-   Got a second interview for a job in Loughborough.

38-   Started writing for my University’s sport magazine.

39-   Found a Coca Cola bottle with my name on!

40-   Celebrated my sister getting amazing GCSE results.

41-   Received some lovely comments on my blog.

42-   Took my Dad out for lunch.

43-   Reached 100 followers on my blog!

44-   Had a lot of onesie days.

45-   Had catch ups with old friends.

46-   Made a huge photo collage to take to uni.

47-   Inspired other people to make blogs.

48-   Taught my southern friends Yorkshire slang.

49-   Laughed until I cried.

50-   Got ready for Freshers round two!

Bring on Second Year!

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