Places I Am Determined To Travel To In The Next Ten Years

–          Pinsk – I would love to travel to Pinsk in Belarus. Mainly because it is where my Grandad was born (as you probably guessed by the last name Chekruga) but also because it looks so beautiful. It is full of history and culture. I can’t wait to visit! A fun fact about Pinsk – the parents of Ralph Lauren, the American fashion designer lived in Pinsk before moving to the USA.


–          Bora Bora – ever since I saw photos of Bora Bora I fell in love with it. It is literally heaven on earth. Imagine the perfect beach, lovely white sand glistening in the sunshine which clear seawater and beautiful marine life – that is exactly what Bora Bora is like.  It is an ideal haven for a relaxing break away from reality.


–          New York – as a writer New York for me seems to ooze opportunity. I would love to sit in Central Park on a picnic blanket with an old school notepad and pen and just sit there and write all day until the sun went down. Also I would love to work for a magazine in New York, in a tall skyscraper with your very own fancy office where everything matches. Also the shopping in New York is world class so I really want to go to Tiffany’s, Bloomingdales, and Ralph Lauren (my favourite clothing brand). It is a huge ambition of mine to see the sites of New York too.


–          Rome – Rome is so full of culture and history which I am really interested in. when I go on holiday I don’t want to go to Kavos or Magaluf – what is the point when you go to the same clubs every night that aren’t even that different from the ones in England anyway. When I go on holiday it is because I want to actually see places I wouldn’t usually see at home, I want to embrace a new country’s culture and absorb myself in their local history and past. I want to interact with the local people and learn their language. This is why Rome appeals to me so much.


–          Las Vegas – I am really into boxing, it is my favourite sport and I would love to see a boxing fight in Las Vegas. I have been to quite a few fights and really enjoyed them but going to one in Vegas would be out of this world. My uncle went to Vegas and saw Ricky Hatton in a boxing fight and he had an amazing time. I also want to venture into the casinos they have there too!



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