Final Blog Post of the Year!

This will be my final blog post of 2013! What a year this has been! It has gone so fast and been crammed with so many happy memories for me. 2013 has made me realise a lot of things and I am truly blessed to have been able to share my year with the people I love. Here are a few random things that happened to me this year…

2013 was….

The year I went blonde!


The year I went to London twice!

The year I got a 2:1 in my degree

The year I was in a runway fashion show


The year I met Sugar Ray Leonard


The year my sister looked beautiful at her prom


The year I moved out of halls and into a house with my best friends

The year I got two jobs in the space of a week

The year my sister got amazing GCSE results

The year I met a double gold medallist from the 2012 Olympics

The year I was no longer a teenager


The year I was converted to Kindle!

The year my birthday celebrations lasted a whole week

The year me and my best friend wrestled each other in sumo suits


The year my favourite band split up

The year I tried new sports like rock-it-ball and aqua jogging

The year I got a Disney princess cake for my birthday


The year I acted like a little kid on a bouncy castle

The year I bought my mom her first subway and invented the tradition of ‘subway Saturdays’

The year I bought new glasses – my first Ray Bans

The year I was converted back to team iPhone

The year I had more of my work published in the uni magazine

The year I spent so much precious time creating amazing memories with my family and best friends


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