10 New Year Resolutions Everybody Should Make

Every year people (including myself) make resolutions for the year ahead of them and every year people break them. But these resolutions in this article are more for life in general. These are resolutions you can pick up at anytime and stick to.

1- Do what you want, not what others expect you to do. This is your life, your choices and your options. Don’t let anybody sway you into doing something you don’t want to do.

2- Aim higher and you will achieve bigger things. What’s the fun in aiming for something mediocre when you have the potential to go on to do great things.

3- Try not to get wrapped up in the negativity of others. Always stay positive, laugh and be happy!

4- Worry less, and spend more time enjoying the little things in life because after all they are really the big things.

5- Keep pursing and trying at things you don’t get easily or straight away. Once you have achieved it you will thank yourself for not giving up.

6- Take every opportunity you can, the experiences you have make up your life. Do not waste chances, for they may never come around again.

7- Always be grateful everyday for everything you have. You have no idea who would do anything to be in your shoes.

8- Listen to other people’s advice. Your family and friends are your support system and are there to help you through anything.

9- Also do not forget you are their support system too! So be there for them always.

10 – Finally, you have the power to impact anybody’s life. So make it positive!


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