How to Write Essays – Tutorial #1 – How To Start an Essay

We have all been there… getting an essay back and it was not the mark that you thought it should have been. These series of tutorials I will be doing will provide the base to writing a great essay.

For a good essay you should = 

– Present your arguments in a well-organised way.

– Demonstrate that you have engaged with your course/ chosen topic.

– Research and analyse your subject thoroughly and critically.

How Should I Go About Starting it?

– Think about which essay title you would like to do. One that may be easier, or challenging, or on a particular topic you enjoy – choose the one that suits you and that you feel confident writing about.

– Collect material for your essay such as your lecture notes, library books, information from websites or journals – anything that you find relevant.

– Write a brief plan, collecting your ideas into one place.

– Then try writing the first draft – it does not have to be by any means perfect because you can edit it later.

– Leave it to the day or a few days after to re-read your first draft as you will have had a break from it and will more likely spot any mistakes. I always get one of my family members to read my essays through because sometimes they spot things that need changing that you cannot.

– Carry out a final check – checking grammar, punctuation, lay out, referencing.

– Once you are happy with your final product – print and submit!


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