A Book Review of ‘Staying Strong 365 Days a Year’ by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a famous singer and actress as well as being a judge on the X Factor USA. In November 2010 she entered a treatment centre for Bulimia, Anorexia, self-harm and bipolar disorder. This book is a result of her exceptional road to recovery.


This book is set out like a diary, there is one page per date. On each page there is a meaningful quote from Demi, be it a lyric, a life lesson or one of her favourite quotations. She goes onto explain why this quote is of significance to her, relating to her own experiences. She then sets a goal underneath her explanation. Even though Demi is still a young person, this book is full of wisdom and advice for anybody from any walk of life.

This book is incredible. It is so uplifting, so touching and so personal to Demi. I would really recommend this to anybody – whether you are going through something or not you can completely relate to it. There are different ways to read it. Some people read it all at once, but I am reading the day corresponding to the date in the book. So I can start my day with a different quote and goal. It really is thought provoking and full of positive thoughts.

Would definitely recommend!



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