Who Will Be The Next AU President at Loughborough University?

Martha “Tigger” Riggs and Steffan Lloyd are both campaigning to be Loughborough University’s next AU President. Both are great candidates with strong manifestos.  It is interesting to see the current IMS Chair (Steffan) up against the Vice IMS Chair (Martha) with not much between them.

Steffan’s manifesto is appealing to students as he wants to build upon the current AU President, Jennie Cooper’s foundations. He wants to continue Loughborough University’s sporting success and aims to develop the ‘current AU Execs vision’. He also intends to increase sponsorship received by the AU, which will boost the funding for AU clubs as well as at sporting events. A point which stands out is his aim to increase spectatorship on campus. The spectators are a major part in any sport and encourage the sportsmen to victory. He wants to ‘re-introduce the ‘Big Match’ concept’ and rebrand it. Also Steffan wishes to introduce ‘a centralised fixture system to broadcast on campus sporting events to students’. He also focuses specifically on ‘strengthening the relationship the Au has with the Coaching Academy within Loughborough Sport’. Overall a strong candidate.

Martha’s manifesto also appeals to fellow students as she wants to ‘ensure there is an environment that encourages sport participation for all’. She intends to make students ‘aware of every level of opportunity within AU clubs and Loughborough sport where clubs portray an image of inclusivity’. She wants to introduce some new ideas to the AU such as creating a social sports competition ‘that identifies the champion ‘club of all clubs’’. This is a great idea as it will bring more sportsmen together. As well as this Martha wants to improve the coaching in clubs all across the AU. This is because she thinks that, ‘coaching is the key to ensuring every team and individual reaches their potential.’ Martha is also a very strong candidate.

It is going to be a close and very interesting result as to who gets AU President. It is the most anticipated result yet. WOW wish both candidates the best of luck.


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