Reverse the Night

This is a poem I wrote recently about nightclubs. Hope you enjoy it!

Waking up, reverse the night.

martini, mojito, margarita,

turned to tequila shots,

sticky dancing, an expression,

suction stilettos, new meaning.


Reverse 2am. The track colliding

with drama, Djs mixing, rippling

at one with beats. Hip Hop moves

in a frenzy of psychedelic colours

and abstract shapes.


Reverse 12- midnight.

Gaggles of girls,

working as a team. Bump together

in complete unison to mainstream

motivational music.


Reverse 11 o’clock.

Back in the cold, queuing with your troop,

mingling with the herd, 

bouncers built like army tanks

refusing even the sweetest underage entry


Now at the start of the night.


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