Interview with Dancer, Natasha Tavani after the Loughborough University Dance Show

Natasha is a second year student, studying English at Loughborough University. She recently participated in the fabulous LSU Dance Show. Natasha started dancing at the young age of three doing baby ballet. She then picked up modern and tap which she did until thirteen years old. Then she moved onto doing GCSE Dance which was mainly contemporary. She did this for two years then took a short break before starting again with LSU Dance.

What is your favourite type of dance?

I really like  watching ballet, but I think I enjoy performing jazz and hip-hop most.

What was your favourite type of dance in the dance show?

Tricky one! All the dances had different parts which I loved doing, but I guess Jazz was my favourite to dance.

What was the atmosphere like backstage at the dance show?

There were lots of nerves! But so much fun, everybody was supportive! There were lots of quick changes, so it was all very manic.

How was being onstage on the night?

It was terrifying but exhilarating. I get really nervous but it was very fast paced and you didn’t really get time to think about what you were doing! It was so much fun though, the cheers from the audience were great!

What was your favourite part?

My favourite part was the finale as everybody was on stage. It was really fun and relaxed with everyone dancing, cheering and bowing. It was great.

How were rehearsals?

They were really fun! It was great to see what everyone else had been up to since October! All of the girls in the club are so talented.

Any dance events coming up?

There is a competition in two weeks time. So many universities from all over the country are involved. There will be over 1000 students competing. It is held here, at Loughborough University.

Are you excited for it?

I’m really excited. It should be so much fun! We’ve got a social planned for the Saturday as well, which will be absolutely great.


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