Yesterday was the most amazing day! I finally passed my driving test!! I have been learning now for about two years but I’ve had to stop and start due to university. I finally ended up learning in my uni town and passed on my third go. For anyone out there who has failed one or more driving tests and is about to give up – please don’t. You will definitely get there in the end! I was so frustrated failing twice but it made me more motivated and more determined to pass. I really feel like I put in a lot of time and effort and really earned my pink license! The lessons I learnt are 1) You are bound to not get things at first try in life but you just have to dust yourself down and get back to it. 2) Nothing great comes easy. 3) It is all about mental attitude. On my first two times I was so so nervous and in the end that got the better of me. But the day before my test my Dad gave me a pep talk (which he’s amazing at) and really calmed me down. I genuinely think that if it wasn’t for my Dad giving me that talk I would probably be booking test number four right now… So keep persisting and don’t give up! Just look towards the end result and you will get there! Stay positive!



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