Interview with Basketball Player, Scott Johnson from Loughborough University

Scott Johnson is a second year student, studying International Relations at Loughborough University. He plays Basketball for the 3rds and 4ths (playing BUCS and local league).

1) How long have you been playing basketball for?

I’ve been playing it since i was about five or six so for fifteen years. I first started playing it because I saw Space Jam with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan and I thought that it looked fun. So then my dad looked up local junior teams and I went to train at one every Saturday for three hours.

2) What is it like to compete for Loughborough University?

It’s great. The good things for me personally are that it is a higher level than what I have played, so feels like I’m really improving as it’s a challenge.

3) What has your season been like?

It has been personally good. I have had some bad games but feel like I am getting better. As a team we have won six in a row now so I’m pleased.

4) Which position do you play?

I play in a position called centre. I guess it is comparable in Netball to GS or GK.

5) Have you got any big games coming up?

The 3s season in BUCS has finished so I am playing in the 4s now. We are still in the cup and in a few weeks we play the Leicester police team.

6) What is a training week like for you?

We have two slots in SDW per week, one two hour training on Wednesdays then normally a match or two hour training on Fridays. But we can book court time personally as well.

7) What is your favourite thing about playing Basketball?

I  feel like it is an incredibly tough sport, as it’s very physical and athletic as well as needing good skills. When I play well I feel like I have acheived something and really pushed myself.

8) Do you have anyone in Basketball who inspires you?

My brother played well here (at Loughborough University) for three years and has gone on to play at a high level in London so he inspires me. It is easy to be inspired by people at Loughborough as well who have really improved.

9) Do you wish to continue to play at a high level after university?

Well I know for sure that I will continue to play, as playing here has only made me love it more. I hope to but it all depends on how much I develop.


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