Day 3 – My Favourite Hobbies

Day three of my blog challenge will be about what my favourite things to do in my spare time.

1- Reading and Writing. I love to read books, magazines, online articles. So much knowledge can be gathered through reading whether it is for pleasure or for a university course (I do both). I also love to write whether it be articles, poems, stories.


2- Sport. This is quite general because I love sport. I love running mostly however I enjoy going to spinning classes, dancing, boxing, circuit training and zumba.


3- Drawing. I find drawing and painting so relaxing. I prefer to draw animals and people rather than landscapes though.


4- Listening to music/ watching films, I love going to concerts and listening to live music with my friends and family.


5- Cooking and baking. I love making cakes, my favourite cake to make is chocolate fudge cake. My favourite meal to cook would be a shepherd’s pie.



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