Day 4 – The Best Thing to happen to me in 2014 so far

2014 for me has definitely been a crazy year so far! I have done so many fun things. However the best thing to happen to me so far was definitely passing my driving test!

It was my new year’s resolution and I met it in late February! Passing my driving test was a massive challenge for me because I am great at normal tests where you have to revise for them, but as this was a practical test I found it really hard. My lessons were disturbed due to coming to uni and living in two different towns. I failed twice before I eventually passed which was disheartening. However when I did pass it made it all the more rewarding for me. The whole experience taught me that not everybody is amazing at everything but if you keep trying you will eventually succeed and reach your goal. I honestly couldn’t believe it when the invigilator said I had passed. I was so so happy because now I can drive and don’t have it looming over me. So this has definitely been the best thing to happen to me this year so far!

I would love to know what the best thing that has happened to you this year has been. Comment below with your response! 🙂


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