Day 6 – My Favourite Novel as a Child


Welcome to Day 6 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge! Today’s post will be about what my favourite novel was as a child. It was (drum roll…..)



Saffy’s Angel by Hilary McKay is about the protagonist Saffron who is adopted by her Auntie and Uncle after her parents were killed in a car accident. Their grandfather visits them and soon after dies. He leaves something to each of his grandchildren. For Cadmium he leaves a property in Wales, for Indigo he leaves his car, for Rose he leaves his money and to Saffron he leaves his angel in the garden. She believes the stone angel is in Siena. Her friend Sarah persuades her mother to take them to Siena. They however discover a locked door. A neighbour tells them that Saffron’s grandfather took it when he brought Saffron. Indigo, Rose and Cadmium find the angel in a box in the property in Wales and it is in pieces. So Bill her adopted father/ uncle puts it back together for her.

I loved the adventure of this story when I was younger. The characters were also so unique and really stood out from one another. Saffron, the main character is a very likeable character. It is a family orientated novel and made me laugh as a child. This novel is really heartwarming and teaches children some valuable lessons.



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