Day 9 – 30 Things I learnt from My Second Year at University

1- If someone says ‘Tequila time’ it is never a good sign
2- Making meals from scratch tastes soo much better
3- The correct way to boil a potato (no joke)
4- That Shawshank Redeption is an awesome movie
5- It is perfectly acceptable to be a big kid and go on the swings
6- Water speakers are amazing and mesmerizing (also great for procrastinating)
7- ‘The Monk’ by Matthew Lewis is a weird weird novel
8- The Midlands is crap compared to Yorkshire
9- Toffee crisp cereal is amazing
10- Uni is full of the weird and wonderful so don’t be surprised if you see a boy wearing his gf’s dressing gown in broad daylight around town
11- Passing my driving test was the BEST feeling
12- Every writer should own a pretenstious writing notebook
13- Spinning hurts so bad buuut is worth the pain
14- Anne Bronte is so underrated
15- I love christmas markets
16- Kangaroo tastes really good
17- Flip flops are still a necessity to life
18- Having Dave Franco and Zac Efron in the same movie was a genius idea
19 – Squid is really yummy
20- The Fault in our Stars is one of the best books
21- Converting to Kindle is actually beneficial
22- Real christmas trees are better than fake ones
23- I still and will always refuse to admit my favourite band have split up (JLS)
24- Having a cinema trip, 2 meals out, a birthday pres AND nightout is not excessive for a birthday at all…
25- Being 20 feels no different
26- Inventing the nicknames ‘Soccor Mom, Prowl, Taken, Yorkshire and Hottie’ for my girls was hilarious
27- Never again do I (or any other english students) want to hear the sentence ‘the car is parked on the bridge near the pub’
28- If you keep trying you will eventually find the best work experience/ placement you want
29- I love writing poetry
30- Doing the photoshoot for carnival magazine was really fun
Bring on final year!

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