Day 10 – Something That I Am Proud Of

I am proud of lots of things I have achieved in my life, however the occasion that instantly springs to mind is getting into University. I think it is because I did my GCSEs which led up to my A Levels. Then I had to do well in my AS levels and A2 Levels to get into University initally. Then once I had those grades could progress onto the Uni which I wanted to go to.

I am proud that I applied to five really great Unis and got into every single one of them so I could have a choice which one I wanted to go to. I worked really hard in my school and college years to get into Uni. I am also proud that now, whilst I am at University that I am getting the grades I want to and am making the most of all my opportunities. I think a lot of people once they get into Uni don’t really make the most of it. It goes by so fast so you need to make the most of every moment you can. University for me is essentail because it means that when I have finished this stepping stone I can move onto the next one – a job. The thought of post Uni  is pretty terrifying but it’s a little less scary knowing that I am on the right track that I need to be. I am excited to be released into the wilderness that is out of education. I really enjoy learning and would do degree after degree if I could but I am really looking forward to getting a full time job I enjoy.


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