Day 11 – My Favourite Films

Whenever anybody asks me what my favourite films are my mind goes blank of every… single… film I have ever watched in all the 20 years I have been alive. So if I miss any out or remember them in the next few days I will edit them in.

1- My all time favourite movie has to be ‘GREASE’. I watched this when I was about 6 or 7 and knew all the words. It’s one of those films I never get tired of watching.

2- My second favourite film is actually a film I saw quite recently. It is ‘NOW YOU SEE ME’. It was so good that I went to see it at the cinema TWICE (which I have never done with any film apart from this one) and then bought it on DVD. I really enjoyed the twists in this film and the exciting plot. Also everytime I watch it I see clues I didn’t pick up on before.

3- My third favourite film is similiar to my second in that it is a magic/ illusion orientated movie. It is ‘THE PRESTIGE’. It has a lot of great actors in. The first time I watched it my mind was completely blown and similiar to ‘Now You See Me’ everytime I watch it I notice things I hadn’t picked up on before.

4- My fourth favourite movie has to be the first Bridget Jones film. This is a classic in the chick flick world. Absolutely any woman can relate to her in someway. The film is genius. I have just bought the books to read. This is a great film to watch with your girls.

5- My all time favourite Disney cartoon movie is ‘THE LITTLE MERMAID’. When I was younger I was obsessed with this movie. It will always remind me of my childhood. I didn’t watch any of the sequels because I thought it would completely ruin it.

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