Day 12 – A Review of the Last Book I Read

The last book I read was ‘Little Face’ by Sophie Hannah. I had to read this book for my University book club. ‘Little Face’ is basically about a woman called Alice who has a baby and believes that one day when she went out and came back it had been swapped with another one who is nicknamed ‘Little Face’. Her twisted husband, David and controlling mother in law, Vivienne do not believe her, thinking she is insane. Meanwhile the police who are in charage of the case deal with their own relationships. Eventually we find out that Alice has been an unreliable narrator and she lied about the whole thing to escape her husband and Vivienne and start a new life with baby Florence. The chapters in this novel alternate between the police’s investigation and Alice’s point of view. Each chapter is headed with a different time and date and goes backwards and forwards (which I found really confusing). All in all I didn’t see much point to this book. The whole novel was about a kidnapped/swapped baby and in the end this has been a lie. The chapters with the police were overdone in the fact that swearing was randomly used where it didn’t need to be and didn’t give any effect whatsoever because it was used that often. The ending in my opinion was very rushed as it explained everything in the last few chapters in a rash manner. Also the last sentence felt like it was plucked out of nowhere in order to finish the book. It didn’t leave me thinking what would happen to the characters. The characters weren’t described in much depth so I didn’t really have any sympathy for any of them, especially Alice the protagonist. The first chapter intrigued me, however as I got further and further into the novel it began to bore me. Overall this novel had potential to be really good but it was a disappointment.


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