The Fashionista Award!

I have some exciting news to share! My blog has been nominated for The Fashionista Award! Thank you to Natalie for nominating me! If you’d like to check out her blog, it is 

Here are the ten questions I have been asked 🙂

Question 1 – What motivated you to start blogging?

I have always been interested in writing and reading, I do an English Literature degree at University. I could really see my writing improving and wanted to capture its progress I guess. Also I think with restrictions in the media, it is important to be able to have a voice and showcase that to others.

Question 2 –  Favorite clothing brand?

My favourite clothing brand is definitely River Island. I love really out there prints and bold colours and their store is full of items like that. My style is really unique and I don’t tend to follow trends. If I am comfortable in something, I don’t care about what anyone says I’ll buy it. I also love Top Shop (especially the student discount). I buy my jeans from Top Shop and a lot of underwear from there. I also love their winter collections as well because they do some gorgeous knitwear pieces.

Question 3 – What is you’re dream career?

My ultimate dream career would be to be a writer for a living. I would love to write a novel, do articles for magazines on either fashion and beauty or sport and fitness.

Question 4 – Top wish list items at the moment?

I’m a clothes horder and I have recently seen some beautiful dresses that I want to purchase for my holidays! Also on my wishlist there are some nude 6 inch heels I have seen from Dorothy Perkins that are beautiful! As well as books, books and more books!

Question 5 – Do you prefer to online or store shop?

I much prefer to shop in store. I feel like you really get a feel of the different fabrics. Also one item does not suit all. I always like to try my clothes on before I buy them and get the best fit possible. I also think online shopping takes the fun out of meeting your girlfriends and asking advice on certain clothes and styles. I would much rather be out and about shopping than sat in front of my laptop.

Question 6 – Use 3 words to describe you?

Happy, creative and hardworking. 

Question 7 – Favorite fashion designers?

I have always loved Ralph Lauren. I own a purple cashmere jumper of his, a woolen jumper and a polo shirt and I am in love with all items. His fragrances smell beautiful as well.  I love Jimmy Choo also.

Question 8 – Describe you’re dream vacation?

My dream holiday would be to a place like Bora Bora or the Maldives. Somewhere hot and sunny and really relaxing. Also somewhere I could relax but mix it up with water sport activities. Both of those destinations look like paradise.

Question 9 – What are the goals for you’re blog?

My goals are for people to enjoy what I write. I want people to be interested in my work and inspire people. I have inspired a few people to make a blog and they really enjoy it.

Question 10 – If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

I would choose to interview Angelina Jolie. I would ask her not only about her acting career but about her role as an ambassador. I would ask about her charity work and opinions on world issues.

Have you been nominated for the Fashionista award? Well,
 You are doing an awesome job on your blog and that I am a keen follower of your blog! This award is given out to exceptional bloggers that the community of WordPress have recognized, and its your job to pass on the gesture of the award giving! The main purpose of this award is to gain more recognition and a sense of a community with a common interest. In this particular blog, I post about what I think about trends, styles and seasons must haves!

The Rules
1) You get notified in a comment on one of your recent posts of your nomination. Great job! In your Fashionista post thank whoever nominated you!

2) Now its time to spread the word of you’re achievement. Write a blog post containing an image of the award and answer the 10 questions about yourself that will be provided by you by your nominator. Its a way for the blogosphere to get to know you better!

3) In you’re post, include a link back to the original post about the award (this page) and choose 10 people that you nominate to receive the next Fashionista award! (Any fashion related blog under 5000 followers)

4) This is like a chain of giving recognition to those who deserve it, so don’t be the one to break it! Inform you’re top 10 on their nomination and send them to this page! All nominees (including you) should post a comment on this post saying “I was nominated!”

5) Every month, a poll will be held on this post with the Top 5 bloggers. (chosen randomly from the comments) and you all get to vote which is you’re favorite! If you are one of them, and you win, then you get the highest recognition in a separate blog post on this blog with a link back, a follow and a choice to guest post (this is entirely up to you if you would like to guest post on this blog)

So, that’s it! Go nominate some people after you have been nominated and don’t forget to always link back to this page, leave a comment and maybe follow my blog? I would really appreciate it!

For my lucky Top 10 bloggers, here are my questions for you (to answer in you’re blog post about this award)!

1) What motivated you to start blogging?
2) Favourite clothing brand?
3) What is your dream career?
4) Top wish list items at the moment?
5) Do you prefer to online or store shop?
6) Use 3 words to describe you?
7) Favorite fashion designers?
8) Describe your dream holiday?
9) What are the goals for you’re blog?
10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

My nominations are as follows…

1 – 

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –

6 –


8 –

9 –

10 –


10 thoughts on “The Fashionista Award!

  1. Hi:) I’m Nessa from
    (Where this award was originally created. )
    If you go on the award page, please leave a comment saying “I was nominated” so that I know you entered and I keep track of everyone.
    Thanks and good luck!

  2. Hey girl! Did you hear? You are now in the Top 5 nomination for the Fashionista Award! Go and share the poll on Facebook, Twitter or simply reblog, so you can get as many likes as possible for the win! Congrats:)

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