Day 19 – Tour de France Fever in Yorkshire

On the weekend the famous ‘Tour de France’ passed through my home town in Yorkshire. It was incredible. I had never really been into it before I watched it. My town really got enthusiastic putting up bunting, painting bikes to display everywhere and selling merchandise. When the Tour de France finally came it was a really hot, sunny day. Me and my family stood at the top of a steep hill to watch them come up and go along the straight. The atmosphere was incredible. There was a huge procession before the riders came. Freebies were thrown out, different music blared from each passing van and police motorbikes wizzed past. When the riders came everyone cheered, wooped and spurred them on. It was a really exciting event to witness and great for Yorkshire to be a part of. Yorkshire were up against big cities like Barcelona and Berlin to host the depart and won it, so it is great for the rest of the world to see how picturesque and beautiful Yorkshire is.


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