Music Playlist #3

1 – Rizzle Kicks – Tell Her


2- Chip Ivory – Get Em High For This (Ellie Goulding x Kanye West)


3- Zedd – Find You ft. Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant


4- Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart (KREAM Remix)


5- Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Win & Woo Remix)


6- Chris Brown – Loyal (Dave Edwards Remix)


Vienna – Day 1

I have just returned from an amazing holiday visiting my best friend in Vienna! We had a really great time. The first day we went and looked around the city which is so beautiful. Everywhere is so clean and well looked after. The architecture is really amazing and so detailed. We went to a lovely restaurant and then ate frozen yogurts sat outside. The weather was so sunny and warm (a massive change from when I came home to England). We walked around lovely parks full of flowers and trees and with several fountains. Vienna is really easy to get around too because they have an underground system like London. I saw some of the famous sights in Vienna such as the Town Hall, the library, roman ruins and where the president lives. There were also horse and carriage rides you could go on around the city. Even though Vienna is the capital like London is to England, Vienna is so calming and the community really care about the place itself.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I decided to make a casual blog post about stuff nobody has time for in their day.There are a lot of annoying things you find yourself doing that you really just don’t have the time for.  

1- Untangling earphones. My earphones literally tangle themselves into an intricate ball overnight JUST WHY.

2- My phone battery dying right in the middle of a text.

3- Dropping toothpaste down your shirt..jumper it is…

4- People who sit in the aisle seats on public transport with their bag just chilling on the window seat.

5- People that walk really slowly in front of you and/or take up the whole of the pavement so you have to make a lil unexpected detour onto the road to swerve them.

6- Receiving snapchat videos of the inside of a club on a night out. You can have a fun night out without taking six 10 second videos and sending it to your whole contact list.

7- When your biscuit crumbles into your drink of tea and it is lost forever.

8- People parking so wonky that they take up not one but TWO spaces in the car park.

9- Wearing matching socks.

10- Daily emails off all the sites you have ever made a purchase from. 

Holi One Colour Festival!

On Saturday 9th August I went to a colour festival called Holi One. It was incredible! They have them all over the world but me and my best friends went to one a Harewood House in Leeds. A colour festival is basically where you chill and listen to music (both live bands and Dj sets) and on the hour every hour everybody gathers in the middle and throws their powder paint in the air. It was such a fantastic experience! The weather stayed fine and sunny all day which was a relief!

This was after the festival!

We received some funny looks whilst on the train home!

My Shopping Haul

I haven’t written a post in a while because I went on a long holiday with Joe to Carlisle, Edinburgh and Manchester. Now I’m home I thought I’d write a post on the items I have recently bought.

1- I found this little gem in River Island. I saw it and thought I HAVE to have it (whether I neeeeeeded it or not is a different thing altogether).

2- Girls always need lip balm and what makes this one better is that it smells (and kinda tastes like) the ice cream Twister! They do loads of different flavours like Cotton Candy, Calippo… all sorts! What makes this even better is that it was only £2.50 (not including student discount).

3- Little Mermaid Pyjamas! These were from Topshop. I saw the set and thought it was really cute and would come in handy for my holidays!

4-  This headband (great for festivals) was bought from New Look! I’m going to wear this to the Leeds HoliOne colour festival!

Pink (Pink) Pink Floral Festival Head Garland | 306368570 | New Look

5- I love this play suit from Hollister so this will be put on my wish list!