Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I decided to make a casual blog post about stuff nobody has time for in their day.There are a lot of annoying things you find yourself doing that you really just don’t have the time for.  

1- Untangling earphones. My earphones literally tangle themselves into an intricate ball overnight JUST WHY.

2- My phone battery dying right in the middle of a text.

3- Dropping toothpaste down your shirt..jumper it is…

4- People who sit in the aisle seats on public transport with their bag just chilling on the window seat.

5- People that walk really slowly in front of you and/or take up the whole of the pavement so you have to make a lil unexpected detour onto the road to swerve them.

6- Receiving snapchat videos of the inside of a club on a night out. You can have a fun night out without taking six 10 second videos and sending it to your whole contact list.

7- When your biscuit crumbles into your drink of tea and it is lost forever.

8- People parking so wonky that they take up not one but TWO spaces in the car park.

9- Wearing matching socks.

10- Daily emails off all the sites you have ever made a purchase from. 


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