30 Fun Things I Did This Summer

This summer has been without a doubt the BEST summer of my life! Like last year I thought I would share with you guys the highlights!

1- VIENNA !! This was incredible, not only seeing one of the most beautiful cities but seeing my bestest friend too!

2- Edinburgh zoo!

3- Edinburgh Castle!

4- Holione Festival

5- Several cocktail sessions with my girlies.

6- Visiting Carlisle.

7- My Sister’s 18th birthday celebrations!

8- My Mum’s birthday celebrations!

9-  When me and one of my best friends won a t-shirt from the night club at home (kind of an inside joke)

10- Shopping in Manchester

11- Staying in a London hotel by myself!

12- Shopping in Leeds

13- Flying by myself

14- Getting back into my boxing training

15- Sleepover and baking with my little cousin

16- Dominoes sessions with my auntie, uncle and cousins

17- Winning The Fashionista Award!

18- Being asked to be a bridesmaid by one of my best friends!

19- Getting a selfie with a pelican (had to be done)

20- Visiting not one but TWO zoos

21- Breakfasting often with my girlies

22- Fault in our Stars (enough said)

23- Also other cinema trips (inbetweeners 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Let’s be cops, Begin again)

24- Tour de France coming to Yorkshire

25- Going to see WICKED at the theatre

26- Having my blog nominated for a second award!

27- Gym, Gym and more Gym!

28- Watching Pretty Woman for the first time EVER (shocking I know)

29- Realising that your best friends and family can get you through one of the rubbishest situations.

30- Coming to uni and it setting itself up to be the best year yet!


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