Tuesday Summary ♥

2014-09-26 22.05.33

♥ Picture of the Day ♥ – This selfie makes me laugh, with my friends from my course on one of our first get togethers in final year.

♥ Went to lectures on Modernisms which was on Joesph Conrad and Narratives of American Sport where we were looking at Moneyball (both the film and book – I’d recommend both buuuuut the film has Brad Pitt in soo it’s up to you on that one…). Tuesdays are so packed, five hours of lectures and seminars back to back.

♥ Warm drinks (my best friend and I have best friend mugs – cool I know).

2014-09-29 22.54.16

♥ Feels like winter when it’s horrible outside and I’m reading inside with my fairy lights on making my room so cosy.

♥ Onesie, fluffy socks and Tomato Soup timeee. The weather at the moment is so grim. It’s official I have the scarf out. I am determined that it is not cold enough for my winter coat yet but may cave soon as it’s so pretty (see below).

♥ ♥ ♥


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