Finding Graduate Jobs Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

I thought I’d write this piece to voice my opinon and help everyone out there in a similiar situation to me. Being a finalist at university it is time for me to find a grad job. When a lot people hear the words ‘grad jobs’ they freak out. And why shouldn’t they? Being in the comforts of education your whole life it is scary to venture out alone into the big wide world. But it doesn’t have to be frightening. For me, I’m excited. Excited at all the possible opportunities out there. I could be anything, work anywhere in the world, meet so many different people. All the opportunities out there for graduates are phenomenal. It’s just about finding something that would suit you personally.

Through observation, many people have taken different approaches to this, whether it be to put it off, block it from your mind and not attend any careers events or to presume there aren’t any jobs for them or their subject so don’t bother looking. These approaches may work for some people but definitely won’t work long term. It can be stressful when people are around you saying ‘I have applied to five how many have you applied to?!?!’ But everyone goes at their own pace and is interested in different things – an engineering student won’t necessarily want the same things as a fashion student for instance.

My advice to you guys (especially the worriers of the world) would be to research. Start researching companies and from there develop a plan of where you want to apply and work through them systematically. Look at it as a vast amount of opportunities waiting to be taken. Perspective is everything.


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