Winter Fashion 2014

Winter is a fantastic season for fashion. Here are some trends from this season which I love.

The Cape

I absolutely love these. There are different versions too – so the coat version (as seen by Rachel Bilson above), or blanket, plain and even furry versions!

The good old Christmas Jumper

Everybody needs a christmas jumper.

Furry Gilet

I have one of these and it is the cosiest thing! You can wear it over jumpers and shirts to give you a bit of extra warmth. I bought mine from Topshop but a lot of other high street stores sell them.

A cute beanie

Always stylish and warm!

Ugg Boots

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Uggs are the cosiest things for your feet.

On my wish list…

Image 1 of Elise Ryan Contrast Skater Dress in Eyelash Lace

This christmas dress from ASOS


#CosmopolitanChic Blog Challenge

Las Vegas has always been a place I have wished to visit (this dream is still waiting to come true) Here are a few of my outfit ideas for a trip to Las Vegas including brunch at Wicked Spoon, dinner at Jaleo and a night out at the Marquee. These beautiful venues are located at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – be sure to check out their awesome website!

Here is what I came up with!

Brunch at Wicked Spoon

Wicked Spoon is a very cosmopolitan place, where I imagine I would meet my girls or sister and catch up on the latest gossip and have a good time, maybe going shopping afterwards.

So for brunch here I would wear a classic blouse (shirt), under a blazer (most possibly black and fitted), the shirt would be tucked into a high waisted long pencil skirt and teamed with booted heels.




My accessories would be silver/white gold studded earrings, silver/white gold necklace and bracelet.

My make up would have a natural look – base foundation, bit of blush, mascara and nude coloured eye-shadow with a touch of an eyebrow pencil applied lightly to my brows. I would wear Vaseline or plain lip gloss. My hair would also be down and naturally wavy.

I would bring a day handbag (not a clutch or small bag).

Dinner at Jaleo

Jaleo appears to be a posh yet affordable restaurant. So for this I would most probably wear something a little more dressier than my daytime look. It looks like a place my boyfriend and I would go for an evening meal for an occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a celebration of something.

I would wear a simple lace dress with a navy blazer. I would wear sleek, slender heels. I would still wear my daytime jewellery but maybe instead of the studs wear small hoops.


My make up would be more dramatic on my eyelids, (I would maybe put a shimmer on or darker brown). I would wear my hair up in a messy bun.

The bag I would take would be slightly smaller.

Night out at the Marquee

This night club is classy so it would most probably be a dress to impress night.

For a night out at the Marquee I would wear an LBD, with sparkly high heels. The only jewelry I would wear would be earrings (probably silver studs).

My make up would be the smokey eye look.

My hair would be in loose curls.

My bag would be a silver clutch (to match my shoes and jewellery)

Fashion Trends I Am Loving At The Moment

Tartan/ Checkered Scarves

Red and navy two-tone tartan scarf

This is reversible, from River Island £15.00

Chunky Lace Up Boots

Black lace up chunky boots

I have a pair exactly the same as these, they are perfect for everyday use as well as evening use (I teamed it with a long skirt, crop top and dark lips). I got mine from Topshop but River Island also sell them. As well as New Look if you are sticking to a budget.

A Good Old Woolly, Comfy Christmas Jumper 

Season's Greetings Sweater

You can buy xmas jumpers just about anywhere these days (a month to go guys)

Big fan of Long Sleeved Dresses in Winter

Jacquard Notch Overlay Dress

Wear with/without tights or heels/winter boots. A long sleeved winter dress is a season must-have.

Faux Fur Collar

Faux Fur Collar

I need to invest in one of these they look immensely cosy.

On My Wish List…

Double-Breasted Wool Cape

This double – breasted woollen cape from Topshop

Modern World Versus Old Culture Short Story Beginning

The warmth seeped into my milky skin, making it tender to touch. I savoured the rare, strong rays which wrapped around my pink shoulders like a woolen shawl. Through my dark glasses the grass was a bright shade of green, stretching forward as far as the eye could venture. The sky was the lightest shade of baby blue with a solo cloud in the obscure shape of a seal. To my left was deep crimson and orange bricks, survivors to hundreds of years of weather. The flag waved gently at the top of the castle in the soft breeze. This image was so serene, so tranquil. I reached for my novel and read the first twenty crisp pages. Great Gatsby was definitely one of my favourites I decided. However something about this setting didn’t feel right. Cars wizzed past, polluting the atmosphere. A big, brown ugly building stood opposite the enchanting castle. Ancient and modern. Seventies designs and beautiful architecture. The contrasts could not have been more stark. Next to the rancid building, a faded hairdressers, a local news agents selling ‘the cheapest booze in town’. Surrounding great culture is the threat of the modern world.