#CosmopolitanChic Blog Challenge

Las Vegas has always been a place I have wished to visit (this dream is still waiting to come true) Here are a few of my outfit ideas for a trip to Las Vegas including brunch at Wicked Spoon, dinner at Jaleo and a night out at the Marquee. These beautiful venues are located at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – be sure to check out their awesome website!

Here is what I came up with!

Brunch at Wicked Spoon

Wicked Spoon is a very cosmopolitan place, where I imagine I would meet my girls or sister and catch up on the latest gossip and have a good time, maybe going shopping afterwards.

So for brunch here I would wear a classic blouse (shirt), under a blazer (most possibly black and fitted), the shirt would be tucked into a high waisted long pencil skirt and teamed with booted heels.




My accessories would be silver/white gold studded earrings, silver/white gold necklace and bracelet.

My make up would have a natural look – base foundation, bit of blush, mascara and nude coloured eye-shadow with a touch of an eyebrow pencil applied lightly to my brows. I would wear Vaseline or plain lip gloss. My hair would also be down and naturally wavy.

I would bring a day handbag (not a clutch or small bag).

Dinner at Jaleo

Jaleo appears to be a posh yet affordable restaurant. So for this I would most probably wear something a little more dressier than my daytime look. It looks like a place my boyfriend and I would go for an evening meal for an occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a celebration of something.

I would wear a simple lace dress with a navy blazer. I would wear sleek, slender heels. I would still wear my daytime jewellery but maybe instead of the studs wear small hoops.


My make up would be more dramatic on my eyelids, (I would maybe put a shimmer on or darker brown). I would wear my hair up in a messy bun.

The bag I would take would be slightly smaller.

Night out at the Marquee

This night club is classy so it would most probably be a dress to impress night.

For a night out at the Marquee I would wear an LBD, with sparkly high heels. The only jewelry I would wear would be earrings (probably silver studs).

My make up would be the smokey eye look.

My hair would be in loose curls.

My bag would be a silver clutch (to match my shoes and jewellery)


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