Winter Fashion 2014

Winter is a fantastic season for fashion. Here are some trends from this season which I love.

The Cape

I absolutely love these. There are different versions too – so the coat version (as seen by Rachel Bilson above), or blanket, plain and even furry versions!

The good old Christmas Jumper

Everybody needs a christmas jumper.

Furry Gilet

I have one of these and it is the cosiest thing! You can wear it over jumpers and shirts to give you a bit of extra warmth. I bought mine from Topshop but a lot of other high street stores sell them.

A cute beanie

Always stylish and warm!

Ugg Boots

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Uggs are the cosiest things for your feet.

On my wish list…

Image 1 of Elise Ryan Contrast Skater Dress in Eyelash Lace

This christmas dress from ASOS


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