Blogmas Day 9 – My Favourite Winter Accessories

Wow Blogmas is going so fast! Already on day nine! Today I thought I’d do my blogmas on my favourite winter accessories, this includes scarves and snoods, gloves, and hats.



You can purchase these from anywhere – I got mine from Primark for roughly £10.00.


You can wear them many different ways – across your forehead or maybe a little bit back so the front of your hair shows.


I had this hat last year and it was so cute! From River Island

Ear Muffs

These are from Accessorize. But the only thing about ear muffs are they do not keep your whole head warm.



Snoods are literally the best thing – you can wrap them around you as many times as you can. They are so cosy!

Patterned Scarf

I am loving the tartan pattern at the moment!

Plain Scarf

Topshop £16.00. Plain scarves – especially the over sized ones are gorgeous! They go with pretty much everything!



Jack Wills Austwick Faux Fur Mittens

£24.50 from ASOS. These look so cosy!

ASOS Mr And Mrs Claus Christmas Mittens

These festive gloves are reduced to £5.50 on ASOS.


New Look Check PU Gloves

£12.99 from ASOS. I love how these are double sided.

Best of both worlds

ASOS Converter Gloves

You can make these mittens or finger-less gloves!

Hand Warmers

I usually put these over my gloves for extra warmth!


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