Blogmas Day 11 – How Different People Celebrate Christmas!

I asked some of my wonderful best friends if they would share with you guys and I how they celebrate Christmas and the lead up to it! Here are their answers… ❤


Christmas for my family is a bit different; we have no other family in the country so there’s no big family party. My dad usually has to work on Christmas Day as he is a prison officer, if he doesn’t he’d work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. We’d usually chill the couple of days before and get family time where we can and traditionally prepare roast ham on Christmas Eve and race for the first slice if dad works Christmas morning us girls sit with Christmas movies (nativity is the best) and Skype relatives in Ireland then have a late Christmas dinner and do presents in the afternoon- I hate staring at them under the tree all day! If dad’s working the afternoon we do presents in the morning and eat Christmas dinner on Boxing Day. Mums birthday is the 27th so we always make that a special family day with more good food and games and things. Favourite Christmas songs- tough one!! Wham, last Christmas is up there haha! The best present I received was a Taylor swift album I wasn’t expecting!


Christmas varies each year; I’m either my mum or dad. I’m at my mums most of the time and we wake up make breakfast and cups of tea and then open presents together with Christmas music on! Then we get the Christmas dinner on and get dressed. We open the bubbly and then eat. After dinner we play games and watch Christmas TV and also drink! We eat Turkey, roast potatoes, veg, pigs in blankets etc. We normally have a starter of some sort and a pudding but it varies, normally a chocolate log and then lots of snacks! Christmas Eve we put a Christmassy film on, and we often choose one present to open and sometimes we go to the pantomime. Boxing Day we chill out all day and eat Turkey leftovers. My favourite songs are merry Christmas everyone, all I want for Christmas, I wish it could be Christmas everyday….just all the classics! The best gift I have ever received is a ring off my mum. This year I’m going to my uncle’s with my mum for Christmas dinner. Also if I’m with my dad I go to his house for dinner (still at mums for presents) and I’m there all night and it’s a little more formal.


In Norway we don’t really celebrate Christmas day. It is normally just a bank holiday when people spend time with their families and gather for a large brunch of all the delicious leftovers from Christmas Eve. When I was younger I used to wake up early and go downstairs to admire my presents from the night before! Last year we celebrated Christmas Day with our American friends (they don’t celebrate Christmas Eve) so I had two Christmas meals in a row – I almost popped.

Norwegians tend to have either turkey or fish (Scandinavians love a good fish) on Christmas Eve and pork on the 23rd. For desert we have whatever we fancy but in my family it has been homemade chocolate mousse for the past couple of years. Definitely the best meal of the year!

Christmas Eve is a time to spend with your close family. When I was younger we always celebrated it together with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, however since moving abroad it has just been my mum, dad, sister and I. On the day we usually head outside and go for a long walk and starve ourselves to make space for the food that is to follow. Boxing Day is usually movie marathon day for us!

I like really traditional Christmas songs like Holy Night! Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is also one of my favourite tunes to jam to.

The best gift I have ever received was- it sounds lame but when I was little there was this teddy that I really wanted and when I got it for Christmas I cried. I was 5.


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