Blogmas Day 12 – How I Celebrate Christmas!

For my 12th Blogmas I thought I’d share with you guys what I do at Christmas time!

What do I do on the run up to Christmas?

The run up to Christmas is really fun! I’m home from university and get to spend all my time with family and friends! Last year I went to the Christmas markets in Manchester which were amazing! Everyone was in wooly wear and I had beer in a little wooden hut. There were Christmas lights and decorations and an ice-skating rink!

This year I went to a Christmas light switch in London with my best friend, where Union J performed! Alongside Take That, Jersey Boys, Jessie Ware and the winners of Britain’s Got Talent!

What is my tree like?

This year we are chopping part of a hugeeee tree in our garden down and using that! I’m excited to decorate it and decorate the house with Christmas candles and ornaments!

What do I do on Christmas Eve?

Usually my dad works (and I have worked in the past), so when everyone is home we all snuggle in the lounge and watch Christmas films with chocolate!

What do I do on the day?

This year we are going out to a restaurant with my grandparents for our Christmas meal which I’m really excited for. Last year it was the wholeee family at my auntie’s – so that’s 14 people around a table! We usually do presents and breakfast in the morning. Then get into our posh Christmas outifts, have our meal then come back and watch alllll the Christmas specials with celebrations, Christmas cake, match-makers, after eights and cheese and biscuits!

What do I do on Boxing Day?

Boxing day is quite a chilled day for us. In the past we have been to the cinema as a family and had a meal. We have also had a second massive party at my auntie’s house. It depends on whose turn it is to host/ what everyone else in the family are doing really!

Best Christmas present ever received?

Last year was the best! I asked my mom for a curling wand and when I opened my presents I received a curling wand! I was so happy but then opened the next present and it was a Kindle also from my parents!!! It was a total surprise I almost cried! ha ha!

What is my favourite Christmas tune?

Hmm I love ‘All I Want for Christmas is you’ buuut my favourite definitely has to be O’Holy Night because it reminds me of my high school Christmas concert where I sung in the choir!


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