Blogmas Day 18 – Quick Easy Christmas Snacks

This post was inspired by the famous blogger Zoella. Her and her boyfriend Alfie did a Youtube video on how to bake quick easy Christmas snacks and I have tried to recreate one of the snacks myself!

Melted snowmen biscuits and cake!

2014-12-18 16.34.00

All you will need are-


– biscuits/cake (I cheated and bought mine!)

– icing sugar (+ a jug of hot water)

– writing icing

2014-12-18 16.10.58

2014-12-18 16.13.52

How to…

1) Mix the icing sugar – pour the icing sugar into a bowl and gradually pour in your warm water. Mix until you have no lumps. Do not put too much water in or it will go really runny.

2) With a spoon put the icing (which should now be liquid) on top of your biscuits/cake.

3) Pop a marshmallow to the side of the icing.

2014-12-18 16.21.23

2014-12-18 16.21.28

4) Draw on the icing (after letting it dry for a few minutes). Draw the buttons, arms and face.

2014-12-18 16.27.23

5) Taaaa Daaaa it’s finished (now eat them ha ha!).

2014-12-18 16.28.59

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