Blogmas Day 19 – A Written Tutorial of How To Do a Top Knot Bun Without a Donut

So on Blogmas Day 13 I did a Youtube video tutorial on how to do a top knot bun without using a donut (link below). I thought I would also do a written tutorial 🙂


What you will need 

– One bobble / hair tie

– clips / curvy grips / bobby pins (about 7)

– brush / comb/ back combing brush

– hair spray / moose (I often find the cheaper brands work better – I use Morrison’s own)

Let’s Get Started!

1) Scrape your hair into a pony tail on the top of your head (not too far forward because this is where the bun will be). Use either your fingers (for a messy casual look like mine) or with a brush (if you are going for a neat look).

2) Lightly back comb the pony tail (brush the opposite way) to give your hair a bit more texture.

3) Part your hair where you want your bun to be (find the middle in your hair).

4) Grab a section of your hair – at the front is best so you can work your way around.

5) Back comb that.

6) Then take the section by the end and roll it until you have a loop.

7) Secure that with a bobby pin (or two if it needs it).

8) Work your way around your hair. It doesn’t matter if there are any gaps / lumps or bumps.

9) Once you are done – any bits that hang down just take extra bobby pins and clip them.

10) I usually run my fingers through the front of my hair to get hair loose so it falls around my face.

11) Spray or moose so it stays in place for longer.

Any questions just drop me a comment and I will answer them for you! If you want to see this being done I have posted a link to my video above! xo


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