Blogmas Day 23 – Christmas EVE EVE

Arghh Christmas is almost here! I’m super excited because tomorrow I’m going ice-skating and Christmas marketing in Liverpool (call me crazy I know it will be so so packed). Christmas markets are growing in popularity. Last year we went to the one in Manchester and it was amazing!

I’ really want to make a gingerbread house like the picture below!

Only kidding it will probably end up looking like this one…

I thought this post (apart from my gingerbread house excitement) could be an overview of 2014. 2014 on the whole has been such a great year for me. Here is what I have done…

– Went to Vienna!

– Went to Holi One festival!

– Turned 21!

– Visited Edinburgh

– Had a surprise weekend away to Liverpool

– Passed my driving test!

– Got a 2:1 for my second year of university

– Signed up for a skydive

– Did work experience at The Independent newspaper!

– Was asked to be a bridesmaid for one of my childhood friends

– Visited Carlisle

– My blog won an award and was nominated for two more!

– Went to see the production of WICKED!

– Lots of night outs/ meals out/ pub quizzes/ cinema times with friends

– I have a new found love for yoga (spinning not so much)

– Cooked a lot of new things

– Christmas lights switch on in London!

– Went to two zoos!

Things I Have Learnt

– Try new things – take up new hobbies. You never know you might enjoy them!

– Take risks – if you never ask you never get. Grasp all opportunities you can.

– Don’t give up. If you put your mind to something you really can achieve what you want.

– Work at things. Nothing worth having comes easy. If you try and put in the effort it will be worth it in the end.

– Have your own mind. People will try and tell you to go in different directions to what you feel in your gut, but stick with what you believe.

– People aren’t always what they seem. Not everyone is who you think they are. Surround yourself with only positive people and get rid of the negative ones – your life will be so much happier.

– You never know what your support means to someone. Just a text or small gesture can go so far. Let the people you love know you appreciate them.

– When you need people to help you they will be there. Family, true friends and your other half will always be there for you no matter what!


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