Interior Design Meets High Fashion

Hey guys! I thought I would write an article on what my perfect living room would look like using Modani furniture with a few accessories from John Lewis. I love interior design, it is something that really interests me. I believe that furniture and accessories should be put together carefully exactly like an outfit! What’s so good about interior design is that there are so many different combinations of items from many stores! Many people decide on a particular theme of a room or a set colour scheme. I am really into vintage/chic style. I want the living room to be homey and cosy – somewhere where your friends and family can come relax with you and not feel worried they’ll dirty something! I am also a huge fan of additional accessories – I don’t want my living room to be bare, (I feel there is a difference between bare and basic) I am into rugs, magazines spread over the coffee table, ornaments and lamps – things like that!

Before I reveal to you my collage I want to tell you guys a bit about Modani as a company. They specialise in modern and contemporary furniture. High fashion and modern items can often be expensive but Modani make affordable and high quality items at the same time. These are the cutting-edge collections Modani has designed – Minimalist, Contemporary, Baroque, Indian, Eclectic and Zen – so keep a look out for those! Modani also has The Baroque Collection which is ‘a fuse between past and present’. This collection is full of rich fabrics and materials and represents the British boudoir glamour look! Their website and social media sites are listed below! 


Without further ado here is my collage!

Black Modani Leather Chair and Sofa

img_4731 onyxblack

These are so classic. I love the metal frame – so simplistic yet stylish.

I believe that the sofa is the most crucial piece in the living room. Check out their modern sofas on the Modani website as they have some beautiful trendy sofas!

Beautiful Modani Pillows

amco604hh015 hh034 moha_pillow

As the sofas and chairs are dark I thought I would add some lighter pillows. I love having lots of pillows and cushions as I think it looks and is really cosy. I didn’t want any crazy patterns or writing because I wanted to keep simplistic.

Black Modani Lamp


I would invest in two or three of these and have them in between/next to the sofas and chairs on a mini coffee table. It goes well with the chairs and keeps with the overall theme.

Modani White Mirror


I saw this mirror and instantly loved it! I would have it on its side above the fireplace. What I love about this mirror is the vintage detail around the outside.

Modani Glass Coffee Table


I would have this in front of the sofa with a selection of magazines fanned out – fashion magazines such as Vogue and Interior Design Magazines. Also a bowl of fruit.

Modani Lamp Shade


What I absolutely love about this is the unique pretty pattern. This would be on all the living room main lights.

Modani Cosy Rug


I would put this near the chairs and sofas. Having a rug makes the room look so much warmer.

Silver Vase from Modani


I would put this in the window or  little table next to the sofa (not the main coffee table). I would have Orchids or a bunch of colourful flowers from the local market in.

Other Accessories

Side Tables

Buy Greenapple Side Table Online at

This is from John Lewis = Greenapple Side Table £550.00


Buy Macneil Studio - Afternoon Stroll Framed Print, 73.5 x 113.5cm Online at

John Lewis = Macneil Studio – Afternoon Stroll Framed Print, 73.5 x 113.5cm £150.00


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